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value proposition

CheerBitcoin, the cryptocurrency of Happiness is designed to promote well-being and fulfillment of individuals within a preserved planet. Cheerbitcoin encourages donations, positive behaviors, the practice of gratitude, mutual aid and beneficial actions for humanity.

Maximum Supply : 2,100,000,000

- 20% (420 million) for developments and marketing,
- 15% (315 million) for Happiness donations,
- 15% (315 million) for user community rewards,
- 10% (210 million) for liquidity on centralized exchanges,
- 10% (210 million) for liquidity on decentralized exchanges,
- 20% reserved for founder,
- 10% reserved for the rest of the Supervisory Board.

Meditation stone

Supervisory Board and votes

The Supervisory Board (5 seats) proposes future developments of Cheerbitcoin functionalities in accordance with Cheerbitcoin's value proposition. User community votes to confirm decisions on future developments.

Different seats are to be filled on the supervisory board in addition to the founder' seat :

- Ethnologist of Happiness,
- Solidity Happiness lead developer,
- Crypto lawyer facilitator for Happiness economy,
- Marketer spokesperson for Cheerbitcoin the happiness ecosystem.

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CheerBitcoin News

How a project grows up with perseverance… and time
June 20, 2024

January 2012 : Idea to use crypto Currency’s smart contract capability to enrich transactions with more information than just a product and an amount. The information could be linked to happiness generated by the transaction !

A star is born
June 8, 2024

The monetary system of the future will have to be useful to economic actors and, above all, it will have to serve its users by promoting positive actions and sustainable transactions, because the well-being is not just about a product purchased and an amount transferred.